May 25, 2022
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How to Hire the Best Video Editing Services

The battle for the best content creation is far from over. And video is now at the heart of competition in the digital world. Many businesses continue to spend a fortune on video marketing. According to Statista, in 20219, digital video advertising spending in the United States was around $31.86 billion. It is likely to reach $78.5 billion by 2023, more than doubling the figure from 2019.

Given the competition, you need to put the best video content in front of your target audience. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the in-house editing skills or tools to create such content. That’s where professional video editing services come in.

But, how do you find an agency that best fits your needs?

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Determine Your Needs

You will need to determine your needs in the first place. Most agencies offer more than just video editing services. They also provide post-production services like executing a full-blown marketing campaign. The agency might do everything from brainstorming the idea to running the marketing camping. Do you need those services?

It all depends on two things, your: 

  • Marketing objectives 
  • In-house capabilities 

Define your marketing goals first. Why do you need the video content? Do you want to increase brand awareness or generate more leads? Your marketing objectives will determine what type of video content you need. 

Secondly, break down what your marketing team is all about first. Can your team handle the marketing? Can they work on the video style and brand voice? If yes, you can go just for video editing services. That’ll save your money and time.

Otherwise, going with a full-service video marketing agency would be helpful. Usually, businesses with little or no in-house video production capabilities prefer working with a full-scale agency. They will take care of everything from creatives to actual production.

  1. Understand Their Creative Approach

You would want to work with a video marketing agency willing to push its creative boundaries. Talk to the agency about their creative thinking and approach. This will give you a good idea about:

  • How they work.
  • What drives them.
  • If the agency matches your requirements.

For instance, some agencies may focus on a one-and-done approach. They would offer video editing services to make simple videos. This may not be a highly creative approach, but it will get the job done. However, don’t expect your content to rule the social media or get hundreds of likes and shares.

On the other hand, some agencies love pushing their creative boundaries. They will always try to bring you the best solution. These are the creatively hungry people trying to deliver something out-of-the-box. If that’s your creative philosophy too, why work with someone doing only routine work.

  1. Know Their Creative Team 

Any agency’s video editing services are only as good as their creative team. Can their team handle your marketing needs? Do they have the skills and the experience? 

Remember, video production is an expensive affair. Any mistakes can cost you dearly. So, you have to make sure the agency can understand and deliver what you want.

Start by asking about who will work on your project. Take a look at individual portfolios. Have the team members worked on projects similar to yours? Can they handle yours? 

Usually, talking to the actual creative stakeholders can help. Most agencies would be willing to let you speak with their creative talent. So, this shouldn’t be too difficult. 

  1. Review Their Previous Work 

The next step would be to look at their previous work. You would want to work with an agency having a portfolio similar to your brand voice. Take a close look at their client list, marketing videos, and other relevant details. This will help you understand if they have worked with clients in your line of work.

If an agency is confident about its performance, it will not hesitate to show you the portfolio. When going through the portfolio, look at the quality of the video. See if the video is high definition, has clear sound, and has decent visual effects. That says a lot about their video editing services.

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out their reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot about the quality of their video editing services. A quick online search can help you find what people think of the agency. If there are little or no positive reviews, consider other options.

  1. Understand Their Work Process 

A professional video marketing agency will have a structured work process. A step-by-step process brings discipline and direction to your project. It also helps you understand:

  • How do their video editing services work?
  • What is their preferred communication channel?
  • How does the production schedule work?

Ask the agency about their work process. You can start looking for options if:

  • The agency fails to explain the process.
  • The process sounds too vague.
  • The process doesn’t make sense.

If possible, you can ask them to demonstrate the process. Moreover, be sure to get everyone from your team to learn the work process. All of your team should have a firm understanding of how the process works.

  1. Consider Their Editing Costs

It is necessary to consider your budget. Video production is not cheap. Editing alone can cost you a few thousand dollars - say around $3000 to $5000. And we are talking about a two-three-minute corporate video for branding.

Of course, the cost will vary depending on the length, quality, location, editing crew, and equipment. So, it’s necessary to be realistic about your video production budget.

The best way to figure out your budget is to get quotes from different agencies. Fortunately, a good video marketing agency will let you know the overall estimate upfront. However, they will need to know what services you need. Make a list of what you want, and the agency should be able to tell you how much it will cost. 

In Conclusion 

If you want your video to meet your marketing goals, you need to work with a professional and compatible agency. Only they can offer video editing services that match your brand voice and video style. If you are about to start your search now, keep these six tips in mind. They can help speed up your search for the right video editing provider.

As a full-service video marketing agency, we can help you with all video production-related work, including video editing services. Get on a brainstorming call with our experts to get started. Get in touch with us today!

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