July 21, 2022
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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Video Production Company

Let’s face it, you need video marketing to thrive in today’s digital space. With 88% of people wishing to see more video content from brands this year, it only makes sense to dial things up a notch.

However, video production isn’t something you can master overnight. Because it’s a complex, specialized, and ever-changing field, you’ll probably fare better by joining forces with a reputable video production company. After all, they have the skills, expertise, and professional crew to keep you on track with your video marketing goals.

But given the number of video production agencies out there, this is easier said than done. The last thing you want is to put money behind a company that doesn’t deliver on its promises. Hence, you must pull all the stops to ensure the agency you choose is worth its weight in gold.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Video Production Company

To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of seven common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a corporate video production company.

1. Misjudging the Size of Your Project

When it comes to commercial video production, the first step is to gauge the scope of your project. Exactly how big (or small) do you want to go? Do you need handpicked video services or the whole nine yards?

Laying down these basics will help you decide whether you should hire a big studio or a boutique-style video production company. There are benefits and disadvantages to both.

Big studios, of course, have more equipment, crew, and other related resources. But they are usually priced at a higher end. On the other hand, boutique-style production companies tend to offer customized services. Here, you’re likely to get more personalized attention for your money. These agencies are a perfect fit for small-to-medium-sized businesses with limited capital.

2. Choosing the First Production Company You Find  

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t have to jump at the first video production company you come across online. No two video firms are the same. And it’s often worth vetting your prospects before you sign the dotted line.

Start by checking out their website and demo reel.

  • Does their past work align with what you have in mind?
  • How big is their team?
  • How many locations do they have on their radar?  

Feel free to compare prices and services. Dig deeper into their background and take a long, good look at their portfolio. Only take your pick once you have all the information you need.

3. Trusting the Lowest Bidder  

Sure, it’s good to be wary of a video production company’s fee structure. You want to make sure you’re not falling for over-inflated price tags. But that doesn’t mean you should swing in the direction of the lowest bidder.

Remember, video production is expensive, meaning video services agencies that tout unbelievably low prices may be skimping on tools, people, or hardware. Hence, it is best to treat them with caution.

Opt for a corporate video production company that’s somewhere in the middle. They’re your best bet for quality work and skilled expertise within a budget.

4. Not Discussing Your Timeline

We can’t stress this enough, set a deadline for your project before you talk to a video production company. Ideally, it should be days (or even weeks) ahead of your estimated release date.  

Next, discuss your timeline with the company to determine if they can meet it. You don’t want to team up with an agency that is too busy to do justice to your work.  

It’s vital to have the deadline marked and signed in the contract. Doing this minimizes the risk of potential misunderstandings down the line.

5. Not Hiring a Local Name  

Hollywood isn’t the only place with quality video services. Look around and you may find several reputable video production companies in your city or state.

And here’s a little secret. When you hire an out-of-state production company, chances are they’ll subcontract locals to save expenses. So, you’ll be working with locals anyway: but for a lot more cash.

We suggest you cut the middle man and directly work with a commercial video production company in your area. For example, businesses in Utah can give us a call. As video production specialists, we strive to make every creative campaign a game changer for your brand.

6. Not Establishing a Personal Connection

Your video project is precious to you. You’ve probably spent sleepless nights mapping it out from scratch. Hence, it must go to an agency that handles it with care.

One way to ensure this is to talk to them. Get to know the company by walking them through your project and highlighting key details. You’ll also want their expert opinion and feedback every step of the way.

Notice if the video production services company is open to communication. Are they friendly? Do they respond to your queries in time? How invested do they appear to be?

A positive, can-do attitude goes a long way. Remember, you’ll be working with this company for weeks. If their vibes seem off from the start, you wouldn’t want to put yourself through the ordeal of collaborating with them.

7. Not Accounting for Reputation

As you probably know, customer reviews can speak volumes about a company. They offer insight into a company’s ethics and work quality before you bring them on board. Visit online review platforms to read what past clients say about the video services agency. If most reviews are good, they may be your perfect choice. Likewise, steer clear of studios with an overwhelmingly negative reputation.

The Bottom Line

Video production is a high-stakes game. You must have all your ducks in a row to see results. Fortunately, partnering with the right video production services provider can make things much easier for you. And, now that you know what mistakes to avoid while choosing video production companies, you should have no trouble finding your match!

Or, you could skip the search and team up with Crew Pictures, an Emmy-nominated video production company in Utah. We provide full-service creative/production capabilities, as well as expert consultants for your in-house video team. We’re creative, budget-minded, and willing to go the extra mile to showcase your story in the best possible light. For more information, feel free to contact us today!


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