November 1, 2022
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Creative Video Production: How to Make Your Videos Look More Professional

Today, video content dominates the digital marketing landscape. Videos are more engaging than any other type of content. Creative video production can help boost your lead generation, conversions, and ROI. It’s no wonder that 81% of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on their sales, while 94% agree that videos helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

But as video marketing becomes more prominent, the quality standard of videos continues to go higher and higher. Making run-off-the-mill videos is no longer an option. Your creative video production needs to stand out, especially when the very survival of your business is at stake.

Creative Video Production Tips You Need to Consider

The good news is giving your creative video production a professional touch is getting easier. And skills play a critical role in creating high-quality videos. They are as important as your tools. So, here are a few tips to help you create high-quality videos.

1. Plan Your Creative Video Production

High-end creative video production starts with planning. It is necessary to focus on the content to create videos that make a lasting impression. That’s why you will need to plan your content well in advance.

Whether it is corporate video production or animated video, successful content planning involves:

  • First, you should outline your goals and align your content with them. For example, if you are creating a video to promote a new product, create content accordingly. You can create educational (how-to) content or informative (benefits/use cases) content to build awareness about your product.
  • Understand your target audience. You must know who you will be speaking to create highly engaging content.
  • Also, focus on your core message. Your core message will encourage your target audience to take the desired action after watching your videos.
  • The final step is to write a video production brief. It will help you document your plan on paper before starting your creative video production.

2. Use the Right Background and Plenty of Light

Both background and light play a critical role in professional creative video production. So, this should be your priority when making videos. Natural light is the best option when you are filming.

However, the scorching midday light isn’t the best alternative here. It can cast hard shadows, making your creative video production look amateur. Instead, you should plan your video production in the morning or evening when the light is softer. 

For indoor lighting, avoid using lots of shadows. It looks dramatic, not to mention distracting for your viewers. Set your lights accordingly. Similarly, choose your background with care. It should be a clean, clutter-free, and preferably colored background. The cluttered video background is often distracting.

You should also choose the background depending on the context of your video content. For example, it’s better to use your office or workplace for corporate video production. But set up your office for the shoot. It should look attractive, not distracting.

3. Use Good Quality Audio and Video Equipment

Good quality video and audio equipment are necessary to ensure professional creative video production. You don’t necessarily have to invest in a professional camera. You can also shoot excellent videos on phones like iPhone and Google Pixel. However, it is not advisable to use these phones for audio recording.

If you are determined to use your smartphone, buy a separate receiver. It will help you record better sound and eliminate the background noise. You can use a small microphone or a studio microphone. Invest in the best possible audio and video equipment depending on your commercial video production needs and budget.

4. Shoot Your Video in Segments

Shooting your video in sequenced segments makes it easier for you to focus on your core message. But more importantly, it saves your time and energy when editing the footage during post-production. And it's super simple to shoot a video in small segments. You can combine these during post-production.

Let’s say you are launching a new product and want to create a video discussing the five benefits of your product. Consider shooting a clip talking about just one benefit. You can repeat the process for each point. All you have to do is stitch up these short clips to create your explainer video. This way, you can ensure a crisp and to-the-point creative video production without losing your focus.

5. Get Steady Footage

Another sign of professional creative video production is to get steady footage. Shaky footage makes it look like a home video. Moreover, it distracts your target audience. In other words, you should avoid holding the camera in your hands. It’s impossible to keep a camera steady in your hands.

You can use a simple tripod stand to film static shots. But if you want to move your camera a lot, you are better off buying a stabilizer. With a stabilizer, you can eliminate shaky footage, capture awkward angles, and improve focus. In short, you will save a lot of time editing your footage.

6. Work with Different Camera Angles

Using different camera angles is one of the telltale characteristics of professional creative video production. It adds visual interest to your videos, increasing engagement. The most commonly used camera angles include low, high, bird’s eye, and over the shoulder. Over the shoulder is the most popular angle.

  • Low: This angle gets used if you want the subject to appear larger than life.  
  • High: This angle gets used to provide a sense of surroundings.
  • Bird’s Eye: This angle provides a larger view of the surroundings.
  • Over the Shoulder Angle: This is the most commonly used angle when two or more characters are talking.

However, use different angles, especially when making how-to or product videos. Explainer videos like these have more action and less talking. That's why experimenting with different angles can help you get better engagement. For example, shift your camera angle by at least 45-degree when you change perspective in your videos. This will help you create more engaging video content.

In Conclusion

Video content is probably the best way to communicate your marketing message. Professional videos are more engaging than most other marketing channels. They provide a great way to connect with your target audience. And with these tips, you can get your professional commercial video production off to a good start. Put them into practice as soon as possible.

Or, you can let Crew Pictures do the heavy lifting. Crew Pictures is a full-service video marketing agency. We can help you with creative video production from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help.


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