MY 180

Stories of people turning things around, 180 degrees, told in 180 seconds

A Turning Point 

Almost everyone can look back at their lives and see a meaningful turning point or two that really changed their course.

As TJ set out to produce a series of these short stories, he didn't realize he was embarking on his own turning point in his career.

The production of these stories led to him taking the leap of faith needed to go out on his own and start this business.

He's never looked back...expect to pause and offer a prayer of gratitude.

San Fransisco Spiderman

Earning the nickname "Spiderman" as one of the most notorious burglars for the San Francisco police, Kristian Marine's story involved a few key turning that entangled him in a web of lies and entrapment...the other that offered a bridge to hope and freedom.

This story quickly became a viewer favorite in the My 180 series, and was re-cut into a short documentary, becaming a winner in the LDS Film Festival.

Producing this series of stories motivated TJ to push himself and devote his career to sharing meaningful stories, connecting him to so many wonderful people and opportunities, including work with Ben Zobrist, and Hugh Jackman and his wife, to name-drop a few.

Moving pictures

that move people.

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